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Our Promise

Baby of Mind is a Chicago-based independent publishing company focused on making available innovative visual aids in the form of image books and wall art for babies.  

Devoted to supporting and disseminating developmentally appropriate images, our goal is to provide products that accompany newborns and young babies as their mind and vision develops and grows.

Before any product is made available to you, great care is taken to ensure that all artwork has been created with baby in mind. Images filter through several reviews by esteemed vision and early childhood specialists, and are then passed through a baby and caregiver focus group.


​We promise to do our best to accomplish these goals, however we're always interested in hearing users'  feedback. Your critique and comments are invaluable as they help us to continue to grow and better serve you (and future babies).  Please contact us and let us know how your baby or toddler reacts to any of our products.  

Baby of Mind founder Cheryl Postrozny also provides instruction for small group "baby and me" programs that offer an outlet for sensory exploration and encourage bonding between babies and their caregivers.​  For more information about these programs, contact the publisher directly at 312-320-7611.


Baby of Mind

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