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What parent doesn't want the best for their newborn? 


The incentive for creating these books stem from a mother who wanted to provide the best for her newborn.  While pregnant with her first child, this expectant mother scoured every baby boutique and online store yet couldn't find visuals that were appropriate for her soon-to-be born baby. There were tons of books that cater to kids ages 0-3 years, but those books didn't contain visuals that would be stimulating for a baby whose vision is not yet developed.  Research and meetings with leading specialists gave her further incentive to begin the process of creating her own visuals.  Having over 12 years of publishing experience under her belt, plus being highly creative, she was passionate to fill a gap that existed in the market in order to provide a solution for other caretakers.  In order to offer books catered to newborns, she embarked on this journey with the help of a leading infant vision expert, an early childhood guru and a group of caretakers and their babies.  The result is the "Eye Games for Baby" book series which year after year wins awards in categories that were developed specifically for Baby of Mind. This achievement speaks volumes in a publishing industry which is overflowing with new titles day after day. 

New mommy Cheryl Postrozny and her newborn, Emanuel.

Baby of Mind

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