Movies for baby!




We also offer complimentary movies that have been designed to accompany your baby while s/he enjoys the Eye Games for Baby book series.  Please share with your little one the following moving visuals which highlight images taken from the series.  The images have been manipulated in a way that babies LOVE to look at, and feature well researched shapes, colors, patterns and movement that can aid in your baby's visual development.  Forming visual expectations and creating audio/visual connections are just a few of the games babies can experience while watching these exciting clips!


Tips for ideal viewing:

-  Play these in the car ride on a clip-on iPad to make that ride more enjoyable since, after all, your little one faces the back seat!  

- Have baby lounge on your lap while watching them together.

- Make tummy-time more exciting by setting up your iPad in a prime location on the floor next to baby. 

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