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Award-Winning Books


Baby of Mind is publisher of the award-winning "Eye Games for Baby" vision books.  Pioneers in a brand new category of books for babies 0-6 months and up, these unique accordion-folds are not only fun for babies but they are also parenting aids for visual development.

Did you know that a baby's eyesight is not fully developed at birth?

Its true!  When babies are born, vision is still developing.

Each high-contrast image in these accordion-fold books is designed to stimulate baby's visual development and acuity.  Bold graphics capture and hold baby's attention, while details allow baby to discover more with each passing day - from colors and patterns to shading and connections - turning these books into games of discovery and cognitive stimulation.

For infants from birth to six months old, in clinical studies the award winning books scored high with child development experts, mothers and babies alike.  

The Toy Man's review  


Since 1971, The Toy Man has been delivering detailed, well studied product evaluations.  Click here to view thorough evaluations for Eye Games for Baby and Baby's First Stroller Book, or read on for a couple of highlights taken from that report which exemplify the books' benefits.

"Eye Games for Baby is designed to pick up the reins from the first day an infant is born and introduce an entirely new group of visual acquaintance adventures. It's much more than a book. Eye Games for Baby is more of a game of sorts; a challenge that motivates an infant to study, assimilate the information their eyes deliver, and respond from the stimulation."

-  Ref: eye games for baby - Indepedent Evaluator Report
Doctor of  Pediatric Opthamology, M.D. O.D. Ed.D

"Eye Games for Baby represents a brilliant formation of visually subjective individual images that are specific in nature to stimulate an infant on both the emotional level as well as skill development. Each image provides a medium to fill the void of a questing mind while having its own intended influence in an infant's development."

-  Neuroscientist / Doctor of Behavioral Study, Ph.D.
Professor / Special Needs Treatment Coordinator

Baby of Mind

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